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Work with me

I am available to work with clients as a consultant, copywriter or editor. 

Strategic communications

I have a decade of experience in communications and marketing, including working in senior executive roles for major not-for-profit organisations. Today, I work with organisations to:

  • Undertake audits and reviews of their communication channels and provide recommendations for improvement

  • Develop strategic communication plans and project strategies

  • Deliver website copy or manage and lead website redevelopment projects 

  • Media and marketing for events and special projects.

Writing and editing 

I am an experienced copywriter, editor and have worked with major publishers as a ghostwriter.

I work with clients to develop and edit their manuscripts, write copy for websites or commercial marketing materials, and as a ghostwriter or structural editor. 


I've had the pleasure of working with....

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"Zoya Patel completely nails her hosting role. The other panellists are fantastic too, but it’s her focus and tenacity as a moderator that helps them shine."

- National Young Writers Festival, review, 2015

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop. I learned much about the mysteries of developing a unique social media identity, thanks in large part to your gift for creating a warm atmosphere for easy conversation."

- Dr Skye Saunders, workshop participant, 2017

"Working with Zoya has been a wonderful experience.  My book is so much better because of her guidance. She gave me excellent, clear feedback and suggestions that pushed me to go further. Her suggestions as to how to move forward with publication are helpful and of course I am now hoping for a positive outcome and that the world out there will get to read the book we have both worked on."

- Mary Powell, editing client, 2017

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